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American Pproperty Services Property Management Division provides the following services:

Finding suitable tenants who will enhance the property value and eliminate costly collection services

Obtaining proper rents for each unit (usually higher than you are currently receiving.)

Collecting rents in a timely manner

Troubleshooting repairs and providing licensed, insured professionals at affordable prices

Promptly issuing Notices of Termination, if necessary

Assisting you in any court action, should the need arise

Obtaining buyers when you're ready to sell

Establishing an investment portfolio, increasing your investment value

We have been in business, and serving the Central Coast community, for over 30 years. APS received the Business of the Year award, as well as Business Person of the Year award for 2011. We can refer a notary, have an in-house expert witness in both real estate sales & management, and numerous professional vendors to help you get the job done.

At American Property Services, we pride ourselves on quality professional service at extremely affordable prices with prompt results ending in a win-win, headache-free situation. Our contracts are based on real world experience and help to eliminate the need for costly attorney fees. We manage all kinds of properties, from studio apartments & single-family homes to large apartment complexes, investment/income & commercial properties, and homeowners associations.

American Property Services handles all forms of repairs and maintenance for each property managed. Owners have the option of using their own vendors or those hired regularly by APS. All the vendors we use are independent and have their own insurance, license, etc.; they are not affiliated with APS. Vendors called by APS usually provide us with a lower bid due to the amount of work they are provided by our company.

American Property Services will assist all clients in evicting any occupant who is behind in their rent or in breach of their contract. In the event that an owner is unable to attend an eviction hearing, APS will go to the hearing with the eviction attorney on the owner’s behalf. APS attends all hearings in person. A small fee is charged for this service, depending on how many hearings are attended, and is taken from the tenant’s security deposit.

American Property Services is bonded along with its staff. Individual bank accounts are opened for each owner managed to provide safer handling of your moneys.

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