American Property Services helps HOAs in financial crisis.

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• Repairs
• Maintenance 

American Property Services is a multi-functioning HOA's management company.  As a professional management group, we offer our HOA's the opportunity not only to receive above-average HOA's management, but we can also provide top-of-the-line individual management as well; we can even sell your unit if you so desire.  By having a managing team working together to maintain the value of the property to its highest level, you will receive top prices if & when you decide to put your property on the market.  As an all-in-one management team, we will see that your property is maintained within the governing documents all the way through to a sale, or as a forever-after home should you decide to remain in a quality HOA's.

American Property Services even has experience with helping to turn around HOA's that are in financial crisis.  Our management team can bring your struggling HOA's back from the brink and then continue to manage & maintain it to your full satisfaction.

APS handles all forms of repairs and maintenance for each property managed.   Owners have the option of using their own vendors or those hired regularly by APS.   All the vendors we use are independent and have their own insurance, license, etc.; they are not affiliated with APS. Vendors called by APS usually provide us with a lower bid due to the amount of work they are provided by our company.

If you are a member of one of our existing HOA's, click on the appropriate link for info & other online services.

Monterey Villas HOA

Monterey Villas

Monterey Villas Homeowner's Association includes a 66-unit complex on Lynne Drive in Santa Maria, California.

If you are a member of this HOA, use the links below to download & review your By-Laws or Rules & Regulations. 

The Monterey Villa board meetings are held the last Monday of each month at 6pm. *subject to change (there is no meeting in December)


Gloucester HOA


Gloucester Homeowner's Association includes 47 units on Marcia Way & Patti Lane in Santa Maria, California.

If you are a member of this HOA, use the links below to download & review your By-Laws or Rules & Regulations.

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